Meet the team

Matt Sutton
Registered doctor of Chiropractic

After a big fall whilst playing sports at a young age, I ended up crooked and contorted with lower back pain. My family noticed I was struggling and not being able to play sports at 10 years old, was a disaster. Luckily my mother took me straight to our local Chiropractor and my life changed dramatically.

The Chiropractic care got me back on my feet and loving life again. I regularly visited my Chiropractor as I grew up, to keep me in good health and developing nicely. From then on I wanted to be able to give people the same experience I had been so fortunate to have had, so I went off to University to become a Chiropractor.

Since then I’ve completed postgraduate training in dry needling (a medical form of acupuncture), Chiropractic paediatrics and pregnancy, sports performance, fascial release and sports taping. I work with people of all ages and abilities, but most of all I love working with children and mothers to be. The other end of the spectrum often being the athletes I work with for sports injury reduction and enhancing people’s performance.

Outside of work, I’m a keen cyclist and climber. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be selected for the GB team for Escrima (Philipino martial arts).
I’m a keen cook and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible.

Chiropractic could change your life as much as it has mine. I relish the chance to help you become healthier so you can enjoy your passions once again.

About Bella

I’m Bella! I’m a big fan of sunshine, live music and happy people. I enjoy my life in the countryside with my fiancé and our cat, Whiskey. It’s privilege to be witness to the Chiropractic journeys of our patients and seeing the many benefits it can have for them. My views on health and wellbeing mean that I’m passionate about working in this field and, while it is a big part of my working life, I am also a Chiropractic patient myself and enjoy a regular adjustment from Matt!